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520 / 1040 STf

The Atari 520/1040 STf is the direct successor of the Atari 260 ST and Atari 520 ST. In fact, it has the same technical characteristics except form built-in floppy drive (hence the f of STf).

The 3.5" floppy disk drive has been integrated with the power supply into the computer. The early first versions of the Atari 520 STf had a RAM based Operating System (they have a 32 KB ROM), this ROM will be quiclky replaced with a 192 KB ROM which contains all the operating system (called TOS 1.2).

An enhanced version of the Atari 520 STf was launched a few months later : the Atari 1040 STf which has the same characteristics as the 520 STf except its memory (1 MB instead of the 512 KB) and the floppy disk drive : it uses 3.5" double side disks (720 KB).
Not long after the launch of the 1040 STf, the 520 STf will be "unofficially" equipped with 720 KB floppy disk drives.
There was also a STfM model with a built-in floppy (the f) and an RF Modulator (the M).


NAME   520 / 1040 STf
TYPE   Home Computer
YEAR   1986
CPU   Motorola MC 68000
SPEED   8 mHz
RAM   512 KB (up to 4 MB)
ROM   32 KB with TOS on disk / 192 KB with TOS on ROM
TEXT MODES   40 x 25 / 80 x 25
GRAPHIC MODES   320 x 200 / 640 x 200 / 640 x 400
COLORS   16 (320 x 200), 4 (640 x 200), monochrome (640 x 400) among 512
SOUND   3 voices, 8 octaves (Yamaha YM-2149)
I/O PORTS   Cardridge, Midi (in, out), Centronics, RS232c, Hard Disk, Floppy disk, RGB, Joystick, mouse
BUILT IN MEDIA   3.5'' disk-drive

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